Harvey is the head mortician at Fast Freddie's Funeral Home and Fried Pies, but business has been slow over the last decade or so, so Harvey has taken up hosting classic horror films on TV!

Harvey was an apprentice of Fast Freddie in the funeral business from an extremely, unreasonably early age! When Harvey began hosting Harvey's Festival of Fear on TV, Fast Freddie, his wife, Zelda and their Crystal Ball Lady, Wanda became Harvey's co-stars!

Each week, Harvey shows forgotten masterpieces of cinema history and digs into the story behind the classics! 

Harvey is always quick to jump on a new moneymaking scheme and especially where it aligns with the plot of that week's film!

Some of Harvey's favorite films include, House on Haunted Hill and The Bat! What do those two have in common? Vincent Price…who is Harvey's favorite actor. 

Harvey is very active on social media and loves to interact with his fans! Please feel free to follow him on:


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WANDA “The Crystal Ball Lady”

Wanda's story is a strange one. Once thought to be a mistress of Fast Freddie (she wasn't), her head was confined to a crystal ball where she could magically “predict” the future. Her headless body was buried in the cemetery and never heard from again…with the exceptions of a few random hauntings. Wanda was eventually freed from the crystal ball when Fast Freddie “downloaded” her and restored her to her full human self. 

These days she resides in Fast Freddie's Funeral Home and Fried Pies where she uses her psychic powers to answer viewer mail! Your most burning questions are answered every week thanks to the magic of her crystal ball.

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