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THE BEST OF 2017!  

A DVD set featuring SIX of our favorite episodes of the 2017 season:
"The Brain That Wouldn't Die"
"Attack of The Giant Leeches"
"White Zombie"
"The Flying Serpent"
"Teenagers From Outer Space"
"Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter"
JUST $25.99 for ALL SIX MOVIES!!
THE BEST OF 2016!  
A DVD set featuring SIX of our favorite episodes of the 2016 season:


"Carnival of Souls" starring Candace Hilligoss
"The Bat" starring Vincent Price
"Plan 9 From Outer Space" starring Bela Lugosi (notorious Ed Wood Film!)
"Dementia 13" directed by Francis Ford Coppola!
"I Bury The Living" staring Richard Boone
"Tormented" starring Richard Carlson and Juli Redding
JUST $25.99 for ALL SIX MOVIES!!
6-DVD Set Featuring six great films:
The Killer Shrews - Starring James Best
The Screaming Skull - Starring John Hudson and Peggy Webber
Beast From Haunted Cave - Starring Michael Forest
Little Shop of Horrors - Starring Jonathan Haze
The Devil Bat - Starring Bela Lugosi
The Terror - Starring Jack Nicholson & Boris Karloff
JUST $25.99 for ALL SIX MOVIES!! 




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