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Harvey has worked for years at "Fast Freddie's Funeral Home and Fried Pies" as a master mortician. It was there that Harvey discovered his love for classic horror movies. It was also during this time that he discovered his delightful sense of humor. Harvey began his showbiz career by calling the "Bob In The Morning" show on 104.1 The Ranch and showering the crabby host with hilarious Halloween-themed jokes.

Harvey then went on to briefly appear on the stand-up comedy circuit where grateful audiences showed their undying affection by showering the stage with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and poultry.

All of this adoration led Harvey to pursue a career in television, presenting some of his favorite classic horror films to delighted audiences! Harvey has currently worked out a TV deal to have his show "Festival of Fear" broadcast everywhere this fall! Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available and be sure to follow Harvey on

Wanda, The Crystal Ball Lady

Wanda, The Crystal Ball Lady was created by Fast Freddie years ago.  In life, Wanda was a waitress at a roadside café frequented by Freddie and he had a terrible crush on her.  Unfortunately, Wanda was hit by a cattle truck and passed on.  After her untimely death, Freddie found himself longing to talk to her, so he had a local witch cast a spell to keep Wanda's spirit alive in the form of a crystal ball.  Freddie kept the decorative ornament on his desk for a paper weight.  Late at night, Freddie would talk to her.  Soon, though, trouble erupted when Freddie's wife, Zelda discovered Wanda in the ball. She boxed up Wanda and put her away in a closet for years.  Recently, Halloween Harvey dug her out and gave her a job answering viewer questions on his TV show!  See Wanda every week on Harvey's Festival of Fear!!  CLICK HERE to ask Wanda a question!!

Fast Freddie

Fast Freddie is the late, great, owner and mortician at Fast Freddie's Funeral Home and Fried Pies. Freddie may be dead and gone, but things are never as they seem at the parlor. Freddie left a note telling Harvey how to continue getting advice from him...even from the grave.  Fast Freddie now gives Harvey advice by speaking to him through his portrait!!  Here Fast Freddie's nuggets of wisdom every week on Harvey's Festival of Fear!


Zelda is Fast Freddie's widow and a dang good cook!  Back in the heyday on Fast Freddie's Funeral Home and Fried Pies, it was Wanda who made the delicious pastries served as snacks at Fast Freddie's funerals.  The formula worked well until a funeral attendee found a finger in her fried pie. Zelda had to quit selling her food at funerals, but she continued to cook up tasty treats in the basement kitchen at the funeral home.  After Freddie's passing, she quit coming out of the basement and began inventing yummy Halloween-themed snacks for Harvey.  Learn how to make tasty, fun, treats every week on Harvey's Festival of Fear!!



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